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Guacha Bato Ediciones

Guacha Bato Ediciones began their workshop in 1987 in the front room of their home.  Sergio Ruiz and Raquel Guerrero recognized a void within the art community in Guadalajara to create high quality, professional graphic limited editions.  The workshop began with small presses.  Their goal was to work with painters who had experience in the technique of etching and provide limitless opportunities to explore color and technique within the medium.  They began working with several prominant artists throughout Mexico and were able to participate in numerous exhibitions throughout Mexico and Latin America as well as Paris.  In 1995 they aquired a large press (200 x 140 cm) and were able to make etching in a larger format.  This distinguished their shop from most others and soon Guacha Bato was working with most major artists in Mexico.  Included in COSAS collection are works by Alejandro Colunga, Mario Martin del Campo, Maximino Javier, Shinzaburo Takeda, Jose Luis Cuevas, Gustavo Rivera and Javier Arevalo.