Patricia Castillo and Paul Jolet – COSAS Mexican Art
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Patricia Castillo and Paul Jolet

Traditional & Innovative Folk Art handmade clay sculptures, painted with acrylics detailed ancient glyphs and designs inspired by nature.

Patricia Castillo and Paul Jolet have been fine folk artists for over 20 years.

Today they are "celebrating community by bringing together Folk-art culture through the new narrative representations of life and history, while creating art that reflects current times, challenges, and triumphs, being a voice remembering ancestors, traditions, colors and expressions in each sculpture".

Patricia is a 5th generation folk artist from Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla Mexico, where her ancestors have been creating traditional sculptures such as the Tree of Life Candelabras for more than 200 years ago.
In 1998 Paul began his apprenticeship with the Castillo family shortly after he married Patty.

The Castillo family discovered his natural ability to create clay sculptures; he was invited to learn the art under the apprenticeship of Alfonso Castillo, Soledad Martha de Castillo, the Castillo’s sons & daughters.

Their work is a collaboration between them both, from the forms they will create to the colors and designs Patty will paint.

They have been featured on the Texas Country Reporter TV show and the San Antonio Magazine as well as hosting a Zoom presentation through the Bulverde area library on the Art and Culture of Dia de Muertos. Together they created community Trees of Life in NM, The South Texas Museum of Art in Corpus Christi, Texas and with an elementary school art project in Manassas, Virginia.

"We have been blessed to continue the cultural & traditional heritage of my beloved father Alfonso Castillo".