Pedro Hernandez – COSAS Mexican Art
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Pedro Hernandez

Pedro and his wife Isabel are of Purepecha Indian descent and have continued the cultural tradition of his family to love and use clay.  He creates pineapples, candelabras, towers, animals and other vessels.  His work is among the finest in his village of San José de Gracia, Michoacán.  His pieces are intricately decorated with hand formed clay details representing the nature that surrounds him.  He incorporates birds, seeds, agave leaves, corn and other natural elements that inspire his work.

Pedro feels so strongly about the preservation and promotion of the famous Piñas from San José that in spring of 2008 he founded “Tsitsiki” Museo Comunitario.  The museum is situated in the courtyard of his home and was built by Pedro and his family.  Each spring, master craftsmen from the village are invited to participate in a concurso that is judged by 4 respected “Cultural Center” judges from Morelia.  12 pieces are awarded cash prizes and are on display in the museum for a year.