Familia Ramirez Mateos – COSAS Mexican Art
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Familia Ramirez Mateos

María Elena Ramirez Mateos is a student of Aztec history.  Trained by her father in the famous technique of Barro Bruñido, native to the Tonalá area; Maria Elena has taken this form of pottery to a new level.  Today, she is winning many of the Ceramics Competitions and is recognized as an important up and coming artist.  Her technique resembles ancient pre-Colombian pottery.  Her subject matter is profound.  She is inspired through her studies of the ancient Aztecs and at night sits on the roof of the house waiting for the stars to give her inspiration.  Her pieces include spirits, gods, souls, the sun and moon and protectors. You might also find a turtle whose shell is made from souls collected at sea, the Aztec tribute to the protection of water; the dance of the sun.