Tomasa Gonzalez Sanchez


Tomasa is a Purépecha Indian and Mother of seven children who supports her family with her whimsical works of clay. Her craft was passed down to Tomasa and her sister by their Mother. Today both consistently win every important art competition in the region. These rustic modeled polychromatic, hand painted pieces using homemade brushes, are a tradition from her native village of Ocumicho in the state of Michoacan.

Highly imaginative scenes include diverse chapters in the life of Christ such as the Last Supper, in which Jesus is seen eating a red section of watermelon, as well as incredible mermaids, smiling suns, etc. The depiction of demons, representing unacceptable behavior (killing, drinking alcohol, cheating on spouses, breaking the law); and the depiction of angels, representing purity and goodness of life are common themes. Many newer works reflect Tomasa’s humble interpretation of current world events such as the destruction of the World Trade Centers on 9/11.

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    DSC_0102This whimsical ballerina was made in Michoacan by Tomasa Gonzalez. 11″ tall x 8″ wide, $65

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    Fantastic Last Supper of Mermaids enjoying watermellon by Tomasa Gonzalez Sanchez of Ocumicho.  18″ x 9″  $225.00DSC_0061DSC_0062

    This dragon by Ocumicho artist Tomasa Gonzalez Sanchez is breathing fire!  14″ tall.  $140.00DSC_0059

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    Fun and fabulous, this firey bus filled with devils is by Tomasa Gonzalez Sanchez of Ocumicho.  Approx. 14″ x 9″.   $125.00DSC_0055

    This piece has sold!

    tomasaP2A devil is driving this flaming bus full of people by Tomasa Gonzalez.  9” x 5”  $65

    This piece has sold!

    tomasaP1This dragon has captured a bikini clad woman in this Tomasa Gonzalez original.  12” x 10”  $150

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