Gerardo Ortega


Gerardo Ortega has been creating these whimsical figures of clay for over 20 years. He is constantly looking for ways to innovate and develop new products with a surrealistic feel. His mission is to be true to the art, to expand the imagination and to contribute socially to the community where he lives. He provides opportunities for apprenticeships to young people who want to learn his craft. Many have tried to copy his style, but Gerardo is the original creator of these treasured pieces. His work can be found in museums throughout the region. He resides in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

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    DSC_0031Another new Ortega creation.  This dog has everything needed for a bubble bath in his well appointed bathroom.  16″ x 12 1/2″ x 8″.  $225.00

    Available in a Pig as well.

    DSC_0028Cute as can be, this dog is taking his pig friend for a ride.  Approximately 12″ x 12″.  $165.00

    DSC_0024Great interpretation of a bull fight.  Fans are cheering everywhere!  Approximately 17″ x 14″ x 16″ h.


    DSC_0029This large and completely crazy vase is covered with animal heads, lizzards, Tastoanes and more.  Large and measures approximately 21″ h x 26″ w.  $450.00

    DSC_0030One of a Kind new product for Gerardo.  Large urn covered with dog heads measures approximately 19″ h x 18″ w.  $400.00

    p42Gerardo Ortega’s “Gallo Catrin” is a hilarious 2 sided rooster – all dressed up.  21” x 20” x 12”  $195

    p6COSAS original design by Gerardo Ortega.  Wine bucket perfect for entertaining.  16” x 11”  $80

    p5Brand new design by Gerardo Ortega.  Salt & Pepper shaker have a cork in the back and come in many colors.  5” high, $20/set

    p3Whimsical guitar strumming mermaid with rooster feathers adorning her fins.  15” x 15”. $125.  GO-SH

    p2Darling blue clay dog with angel wings and flying angels and children overhead.  16” x 7” x 11”.  $125. GO-PEN.

    p1Crazy clay 2 headed Rooster Vase by Gerardo Ortega.  The vase is adorned with lizards and turtles; the handles have the spine of an iguana and faces of dogs.  15” x 18”.  $150.  GO-FG

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